Wednesday, January 22, 2020

How to post pictures of food on Veggit

Veggit is a wonderful source of thousands of vegetarian recipes. Every day, dozens of contributors add new recipes to our database. To keep the quality high, we have some rules to abide by if you want to post on Veggit. These are all in your own interest, to ensure that others will want to try your recipe.

Some posts on Veggit are not recipes, but pictures of pre-packaged foods found in a supermarket or meals enjoyed at a restaurant. As you’ll understand, we have some rules for those kinds of posts too.

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Pictures of meals prepared at home

If you post a photo of your home made meal, you need to provide a recipe in the comment section for it to be approved. You need to provide a list of ingredients, amounts, as well as cooking instructions. If you didn’t use any fresh ingredients, it doesn’t belong on Veggit. Your photo needs to look appetizing, eg. taken in good lighting, on a plate or in a bowl. Give your post a ‘Recipe’ flair to be considered.

Tips for taking pictures of food

  • Place your food on a plain white plate or in a plain white bowl. This will help your camera to determine proper white balance. Don’t take pictures of pots and pans on the stove.
  • Take your plate to the dinner table or an other place that has plenty of neutral light. Don’t take pictures of a plate that’s on your lap. Make sure your feet are not in the picture.
  • Take your food picture before eating from the dish. Nobody wants to see a picture of a half-eaten sandwich, no matter how delicious it was.
  • Don’t use your camera flash, as it will make your food look flat and blown out.
  • You can create depth to your food by not taking your picture from above.
  • Don’t use post-processing like sepia toning, harsh contrast, or high saturation. We want to see the food as it looks to you. Restrain from using bokeh filters like Portrait Mode, as they blur out a lot of detail.
  • Don’t superimpose text on top of your picture.
  • If you want to share more than one picture in your post, please don’t create a collage, but create an album of your photos on Imgur and link to that instead.

You can read more about taking good pictures of food in this article.

Tips for including recipes in your post

  • All pictures of food made at home need to be accompanied by a recipe written in the comment section. We need to know the ingredients, the amounts you used, and cooking instructions.
  • Don’t put your recipe in the title of your post or as captions in an Imgur album. Place your recipe in the comment section of your post on Veggit. It’s alright to link to a recipe site (unless it’s your own, because we don’t allow self-promotion).
  • Don’t link to YouTube videos or to user hostile sites like Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook. Those links are automatically removed.

You can read more about writing food recipes in this article.

Pre-packaged food or food enjoyed at a restaurant

If you post about a food you found in the supermarket and which you’ve tried, share your experience and which store you bought it at. Give your post a ‘Product Endorsement’ flair to be considered.

If you post about food you had in a restaurant, share your experience and name and location of the restaurant. Give your post a ‘Travel’ flair to be considered.

Posts about meat replacements

Don’t post pictures of Impossible or Beyond products you had at a restaurant. You can post recipes of homecooked meals using such products, but not if they are the main component (not a burger or a hotdog). The same is true for other branded meat replacements like Gardein, Valess, Tofurkey, and Linda McCartney. Basic ingredients like tofu, TVP, tempeh, soy chunks, soy curls, seitan, etc are safe.

We wrote a post to explain why we need to be strict about branded meat replacements. The main reasons being:

  • We don’t want to become an advertising channel for Impossible and Beyond. That runs counter to the spirit of reddit.
  • A vegetarian diet does not require expensive, highly processed meat replacements. There are thousands of traditional recipes that were designed to be vegetarian.
  • We want readers of Veggit to be inspired by original, diverse, and healthy vegetarian recipes. If we have an endless stream of pictures of vegetarian hamburgers, that will not be beneficial.

Types of posts that are welcome

  • Posts that contain new information about availability of products from Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. Information that hasn’t been posted before and is of interest to a large audience. For instance, when a fast food chain rolls out Impossible/Beyond products nationwide or when a large supermarket chain starts carrying it nationwide.
  • News about a new formulation (like the announcement of Impossible Meat 2.0 at CES) or an article about how to make such products at home from scratch. Provided that it hasn’t been posted here before.
  • Photos of homemade dishes that incorporate Beyond meat, prepared in a way that we haven’t seen before. Such posts will need to be accompanied by a recipe.

Types of posts that are NOT allowed

  • Photos of Impossible/Beyond products consumed in a restaurant.
  • Text posts that describe eating Impossible/Beyond products at a restaurant.
  • Announcements of Impossible/Beyond product availability at someone’s local restaurant, bodega, local super market, etc.
  • Posts with news that has already been shared before. (like: Impossible Whopper is now available in St. Louis.)
  • Food Pictures of homemade meals that consist mostly of branded meat replacement products. (like a simple Beyond burger.)